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Basic English Contour Pad


The Basic English Contour pad is the best choice for top riders. The more ThinLine foam you have, the better it works!

There is so much to love about the Thinline Basic English Half Pads! 

The Basic English Contour Pad with ThinLine, adds additional protection under the stirrup bar and will help control left to right saddle slip. ThinLine absorbs impact by moving it laterally along the horse and English saddle pad.

Unless the price is a serious barrier, we suggest you choose the contour pad; the more ThinLine foam you have, the better it works!

ThinLine (3/16″,4.8mm) is our thinnest shock-absorbing English horse saddle pad. Thoughtfully designed to protect both horse and rider’s backs ThinLine creates a soft, quiet, elastic connection. If your riding is not in a place where you can focus on nuances, you should likely start in a ThinLine. If you are a close contact rider, you will greatly appreciate ThinLine. This product reduces rider movement and helps horses balance and focus. It does not amplify the seat, it reduces “background noise” so the rider’s seat aids are clear.  (Formerly Known as Ultra ThinLine)

The top choice for many great riders.

Basic English Half Pad Benefits:

  • Pure performance with the Thinline foam.
  • Ultimate back protection for both horse and rider.
  •  Provides maximum shock absorption without altering saddle fit or rider feel.
  •  Improves rider equitation.
  •  Tailored and discrete.
  •  Open-cell technology creates breathability.
  •  Product durability –  can last up to 7-10 years.
  •  Supple, it moulds for a custom fit when warmed to body temperature.
  •  Non-slip.

You have a well-fitting saddle – that does not require shimming.

$ Price and Longevity– The ThinLine foam will remain functional for 7-10 years, depending on use. Basic pads will cost you less than $1.00 per month.

Versatility– Basic pads may be placed over any other saddle pad and may be used on multiple horses.

Maintenance– Basic performance foam saddle pads require no care or washing.

Sizes: Regular

Standard Contour Pad

Fits most 16-17.5″ saddles
20.5″ spine length | 12.5″ front drop | 7.25″ rear drop



Standard, Large


Black, White


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