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Seat Saver for English Riders


Seat Makers: Dressage, All Purpose, Close Contact, and Endurance Saddle. The shock absorption is so amazing you will find yourself sitting closer and quieter, giving you more time to adjust your aids. Provides exceptional comfort for riders spending many hours in the saddle.

The ThinLine English Seat Saver is an incredible tool for your riding.

It is so thin and effective you will forget it is there … until you take it off!

When we developed the ThinLine English Seat Savers, we thought they would be a great way for riders to discover just how much a ThinLine pad does for their horses.  We had no idea, at the time, how much this little tack accessory would impact so many riders.  Of course, protecting riders’ backs from the daily impact we experience is important, but then we began hearing stories about how, with the seat maker, riders’ seats became so quiet and stable that they were able to exponentially improve their equitation as well as their sense of security.  Once removed for the show ring, riders have a new understanding of how still, sensitive and communicative they can be with their horses.

Try it for yourself. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee. When you remove it, you will understand just how much it does for you.

Rider comfort – eliminates or greatly reduces lower back pain.

Improved equitation – reduces bounce and excess rider movement.

A sense of safety – offers radical stability in the saddle.

Rider performance – gaits are easier to sit.

Balance – Crooked seats can be relieved by adding a balance shim under the English saddle seat maker.

ThinLine English Seat Makers are lightweight, breathable, seamless, cool, and virtually invisible.

ThinLine English Seat Makers for Dressage, Jumping, and Close Contact saddles are the thinnest of all ThinLine products.

It is a fantastic way to see for yourself how so little can do so much, for both you and your horse.  Riders who weigh 225 lbs and more as well as riders with significant back pain will experience optimal shock absorption with a combination of Seat Maker and Saddle Pad and we highly recommend these riders and their horses enjoy our products to the fullest.

Close Contact- 17.25″ long from pommel to cantle, 12.5″ across seat

All Purpose- (Jumping) 18.75″ long from pommel to cantle, 12.75″ across seat

Dressage- 19.5″ long from pommel to cantle, 14″ across seat

English Endurance- 16.5″ long from pommel to cantle, 15.5″ across seat

Colors- Black, Dark Brown


Saddle Style

Close Contact, Dressage, All Purpose, English Endurance


Black, Dark Brown