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Drop Rigging Saddle Pad – Fleece


The Endurance Drop Rigging Saddle Pad with fleece provides extra girth or drop rig, protection shield, made of ThinLine material.

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Our western saddle pads provide the highest comfort and support for horses and riders.

The ThinLine Endurance Drop Rigging Saddle Pad provides:

  • support
  • pressure relief
  • comfort
  • breath-ability
  • durability
  • close contact with the horse for better communication AND
  • the ultimate in impact protection.

Pad Construction.

The base construction of this saddle pad contains heavy-duty quilted cotton with wool fill and a synthetic sheepskin base. The ThinLine lies on either side of the spine creating a perfect support panel that works well with endurance and treeless saddles. Bonus! Extra girth, or drop rig, protection shield, made of ThinLine material.

Compatible Saddles.

Designed to fit most drop or centre-fire rigged endurance saddles. And it works well for many saddle styles, including Australian and Treeless saddles.

Accessories: Shims

Each pad comes with a layer of ThinLine.  Use the Full shims to double your ThinLine protection or customize them to create front, bridging, or rear shims.


– 27″ (spine length)

– 20 inch drop to bottom of rigging panel

– A full 23″ of  ThinLine along either side of spine

– ThinLine guard at the point of drop rigging/girth or cinch to protect against pressures and rubs.

– 14.5″ rear drop

– 4.7 mm thick (3/16″)  ThinLine panel on either side of the spine for protection.


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